11 août 2017

No Name peak, Switzerland

Swiss maps are among the best in the world.

Don't think I'm boasting or anything, it's simply true 😜!
Well, that being said, we found a peak with no name attached to it!

Here are a few pictures of a fabulous walk up to it: 2700 m above sea level.

And, if you would like to know where it is ... you'll have to get in touch...

Here's a view of the way up, towards the upper slopes: steep going, no paths. All in all, 1500 m of uphill!

From the summit, extraordinary view over the Trient glacier (that will give you a hint about the wherabouts of the NoName peak ...!-)

The happy troup of summiteers! Well done folks!

And then, well, there's no escaping it: if you climb 1500 m UP, you must then climb 1500 back DOWN. Here we are embarking on a loooooong hike to a well-deserved - beer of course!

See you next hike.


29 juin 2017

Let's walkandtalk !

Summer has only just started, and already I am looking back on the recent weeks of spring 2017 hiking. All the fabulous landscapes that I think only Switzerland can provide in such a small area, with new and interesting places visited, and of course with so many amazing visitors!

Thanks to all of you (merci à toutes et tous pour ce début de saison fabuleux)!

Here are a few pictures of these first months of 2017.

Let's start for once with the most recent hikes and go back in time, step by step, gently and always with passion. And, as Lucy from Illinois USA would say:

Part 0: The Chamossaire peak near Villars, now this a place with a view.

You're bound to fall in LOVE .. with the swiss Alps.

.. and the panorama!

The summit antenna is huge, time for a space-opera dancing session!

A bit of "industrial mountain aesthetics": this is what a ski tunnel looks like in summer. I think it's kind of interesting... what do you think?

On the way back, we got caught in an exciting path, with some difficult sections: the mountains with some adventure!

Partie -1: Le Villars-Rando festival. 3 jours de soleil, 3 jours de randonnées, 3 jours de rencontres, 3 jours de retrouvailles, 3 jours de folie!

Merci à toute l'équipe du festival pour cette belle organisation.

Au menu de walkandtalk cette année 2017:

  • 1 entrée sucré-salé sur les traces des combattants de 1798 dans le Haut Pays
  • 1 plat léger mais intense à la nuit tombée: forêt noire et sa rosée de lune
  • et en dessert (un bon gros dessert): panorama géologique et sa mousse de dinosaures confits

Partie -2: Retro-Bus, Château médiéval et Lavaux UNESCO avec Destinalp!

Part -3: Two days in the Jura mountains.

A visit of the "vallée de joux" followed by a movie and stills shooting session. I always really enjoy these outings where a lot of "improvisation" or lets' say adaptability is required to make sure the shooting teams find the locations they are looking for.

Here are a few picture of these 2 days.

Shooting pictures: 


One day earlier, at Le Creux du Van, with a different group!

Part -4: An easy but still farily long walk in the La Côte area: there's always an opportunity for a little wine experience!

Part -5: Education is important, and when kids are able to experience and enjoy the great outdoors, it's a fantastic experience for everyone!

Here a few pictures of 3 days organized by Michel of Guides-Natures, in which I took part in the Diablerets area.

Part -6: The Lucy & Friends' Swiss Week 2017 ! 

This is an account (in pictures) of a wonderful week spent around the Léman lake. Lucy and Scott, Ed and Anne, Madelyn, thank you so much for your good humour, your enthusiasm and the fun!

Lavaux visit, finding out about the Chasselas varietal and the different terroirs.

Train up to Rochers de Naye followed by the hike down!

The St-Saphorin - Cully Lavaux UNESCO traverse, a classic!

And why not a day out in Les Diablerets?

Exploring the medieval landscapes of the Swiss plateau.

Thanks to all of you 5, and see you again maybe for another adventure around the Léman!
(last photo, courtesy of Ed, not on the picture, merci Monsieur!)

Partie -7: Le jeudis de la Ville de Genève, un tour organisé par Pascale de Aster Rando!

Et pour terminer ce -long- article sur le blog Walkandtalk, voici quelques images de la belle et mélancolique architecture de la Vallée de Joux!

A bientôt!
See you soon!

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15 mai 2017

Flowers of Switzerland

Just a quick post to show you how beautiful and soothing a trip to wonderful Switzerland can be.
Here are a couple pictures from a hike in the surroundings of Montreux (yes the Jazz town !-).

Starting from the beginning (often a good idea in my opinion), let's take a walk along the lake, with Belle Epoque steamers pulling out from the pier in Montreux downtown.

A little later, after a charming train ride up the mountains, we start down along a river side, with a visit to a graceful waterfall hidden in the trees.

We spend some time dreaming and gazing into the fresh stream, and some of us try out their zen attitude!

Further down the gorges, we enjoy the delicate green colours of a mild spring day. Apparently the green colour is ideal for concentration and relaxation, so here's a sample for you!

And YES, you're right, we can't finish a walk in Montreux without a glass of well-earned Chasselas wine on a terrasse!

See you very soon folks!

Hey, by the way, why not do this walk yourselves? Interested? Get in touch !